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Sometimes booking flights and hotels together is the cheapest way to do things, and sometimes not! Either way, we've got advice, deals and all the information about sales to keep you from bankrupting yourself on your holiday.


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Holiday? You're probably about to pay too much. Listen up to our Holiday Saving Tips

Student holiday money tips

Whether you’re after three months chilling out with Tibetan Monks or a good old-fashioned bucket and spade affair, holidays could always cost a little less. Get the basics right and everything should fall into place...

Remember the obvious: travel off season (not during school holidays), book up well in advance, or grab a last minute bargain, get a budget flight, and get cashback on everything you book.

Read the guides below and follow these 10 quick travel tips:

  • Stay in a hostel. Hostels aren’t the dives they used to be and all the online comparison sites have plenty of pictures and reviews. How long are you going to be staying in the room anyway?
  • If you're travelling in a group, why not rent an apartment? It will almost always work out cheaper than a hotel and you’ll get more space and more privacy. Try Airbnb for cheap places to stay.
  • Budget …and stick to it. Get your cash split into smaller denominations --10s instead of 50s—to keep on top of what you’re paying out. It should kerb excessive spending; handing over one 20 never seems so bad but handing over two 10s does. Silly? Yes. True? Also yes.
  • Don’t buy the 100ml shampoos/conditioners to get through security. Buy empty 100ml bottles, available on the high street (Primark sell three for £1) and decant from your usual products. Much better value. Reuse, reuse, reuse! Alternatively, buy your stuff online from Boots and pick it up from the airport - find out how it's done here.
  • Prearrange your airport transport –picking up a cab from the airport can be extremely expensive as it’s the best opportunity for taxi drivers to charge high prices to unwitting tourists. Look on forums and ask friends who've been there before for advice - in NYC there's an AirTrain directly from the airport to the subway, it takes only a few minutes and costs less than £3, compared to $40-ish for a slow cab.
  • Remember you'll be charged extra for using your phone –forget and you’ll come back to a massive bill. Read our extensive guide on how to spend less money on mobile roaming.
  • Don’t buy the branded drinks we’re all used to in the UK –the local equivalents are usually much cheaper. This is especially true of booze.
  • Travel hand luggage only if possible - pack light and you could save big bucks, and you'll have less to lug around before you get to your hotel.
  • Use TripAdvisor it can be tempting to eat wherever prints its menu in English with pictures, but you'll have a much better experience if you check TripAdvisor before you go. You can even filter by price, so it makes sticking to a budget that much easier.
  • Take it from us we've written an absolute tonne of travel articles and guides, all aimed at a student audience, and we've linked the most helpful ones below - bon voyage!

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