Student Money Saver is brought to you by:

Joe Levi: Founder

Joe is top of the heap at Student Money Saver. Despite what doctors have called a crippling addiction to updating Google Calendar invitations, Joe has managed to build and lead the team since 2011. He attends weekly therapy sessions to help overcome his passionate but ultimately misguided dalliance with Excel. If it weren't for Joe, though, Student Money Saver wouldn't exist - make of that what you will.

For enquiries about anything Student Money Saver, please email

James Bentley: Managing Director

James is a keen F1 fan and motorsport enthusiast, so is partial to letting off some steam on the race-track every now and then and is certainly always up for a challenge (if anyone dares…). As with any racing team, a pro-active attitude, high attention to detail and reliability are core values that have always been key to James, and so for him it is essential that these key values are echoed throughout Student Money Saver.

Having previously worked on or headed up literally every aspect of the business at some stage or another, he knows the ins and outs of the business better than his own wardrobe. So he should be able to solve just about any query you might have and is a super friendly guy to approach. You can get in touch with him at:

Matt Stevenson: Marketing Manager

Matt handles all the advertising campaigns that Student Money Saver run. Working with clients such as Apple, Universal Pictures and PayPal, he makes sure all promotions produce strong results and everyone is happy with their Student Money Saver experience.

He is also the token Northerner in the team and widely renown as the best table tennis player in the office.

For any campaign queries you can get him at:

Felicity Joyce: Content Editor

Felicity is head of all things content at Student Money Saver. Known for hunting down the best freebies and being a meme connoisseur, Flick focuses on making sure our site and social media channels are packed full of entertainment and the best deals. She is food obsessed and loves a burger!

Don't hesitate to contact her if you have any content enquiries:

Adrian Şilimon: Lead Developer

Adrian is originally a writer. He discovered his love for words at the age of 15 when he wrote his first Pascal program. Since then he's written millions of lines of code for various purposes: make the text blue, make the lines yellow, make the logos bigger or forecast the revenue of shareholders.

He is now assigned to improve our website and make the wheels spin so students looking for the best deal find it first.

"Saving money is like hunting sheep. That's right, only the wolves are doing it." - he says.

Sylvia Nankivell: SEO Consultant

Sylvia Nankivell is Student Money Saver’s SEO Consultant (secret/not so secret geek). If you see loads of keywords stuffed on to our pages, then you know who’s responsible. No, in all seriousness SEO is now actually a hard profession/fine art.

Like all the best SEO’s Sylvia needs breaks to keep her fresh minded, and when not busy fighting the steep uphill battle with Google, she can be found whizzing/falling downhill on her snowboard or skis over in France.