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Ultimate Guide to Food & Drink Freebies & Discounts

free food and drink vouchers

Everyone knows that food tastes better when it’s free, so here’s an ultimate guide to getting free food. We’ve covered everything from couponing at the supermarket to using codes to get free takeaways delivered to your door.

Free food and drink samples

free food samples

The easiest way to find out about the latest free food samples being given away is to keep a close eye on our food & drink section. By following our Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp you can see first and foremost all of our hot new food and drink deals.

When you’re out and about in larger towns and cities there’s lots of chances to pick up freebies too. It’s very common for companies to hand out free samples in busy places like shopping centres, train stations and at festivals, sometimes they hand out coupons WITH the free food, so you can double your luck!

You won’t get as much but there’s often free tasters available at supermarkets and delis, so if you’re hungry and have no money, why not go wild in the aisles?

Free meals

free meals

If you’re after more than a casual snack for free, here are some tips on getting a free meal.

Food delivery companies often give out discount codes and freebies when you sign up or refer friends, which is a very easy way to get a cheap or free meal.

Uber Eats

If you live in central London you can get a free £3 UberEats credit by using code eats-elizaj21.


If you live in one of a number of larger cities and towns you can get £2.50 off the Deliveroo app with code felicityj6937

Once you’ve used those codes, you will often be given a referral code. Give this code to a friend on their first time using the apps, and you’ll get another discount count. The more you refer, the more codes you’ll earn, and the more free food you’ll get.

Birthday freebies

The best day of the year to fill up on free food is your birthday. We’ve got the most up to date list of birthday freebies out there. Food-wise there’s everything from free doughnuts to free burritos, and some of the stuff doesn’t need to be claimed on your actual birthday, so you can have up to a month of freebies!

One of the most popular freebie tricks we have on our site is the KFC Wombling hack. Visit the page to see how it’s done, but basically if you’re brave enough you’ll end up with 100% free chicken, drinks and sides. This method of getting freebies won’t work if you have absolutely £0 in your bank account, but mystery shopping and dining can bag you up to a 100% refund on your dinner, and you may even make a slight profit from it. There are definitely downsides to mystery shopping, so read our guide to find out how to make it work for you.

Signing up to restaurant newsletters

Signing up to restaurant news letters or joining their ‘clubs’ is a great way to get free food.

Restaurants will often email you with deals every month that you can redeem at your local or any restaurant.

  • For example, Byron Burgers have the ‘Byron Club’. Every time they bring out a new burger, members of the Byron club are offered the chance to try it for free or are given a buy one get one free deal for them and a friend.

At Uni

free food at universityEveryone knows about using their student card to get a discount at restaurants and even supermarkets - at least, we hope you do! But there are plenty of other ways a student can get a full stomach for free.

Societies are very cheap to join, usually between £2 and £5 for an entire year, and sometimes they’re even free. It’s not uncommon for societies to meet up and be provided with snacks and drinks, and if you’re in charge of a society or friends with someone who is you might be able to take home the leftovers.

Watch your uni email and keep an eye on department noticeboards for free talks and seminars, there could be nibbles on offer, and more often than not, free wine.

Free drinks

free drinksThere are always free drinks available if you’re savvy enough, with one exception. It’s actually illegal for companies to hand out free alcoholic drinks according to Scottish law, so unfortunately you won’t be able to use any of these tips if you’re in Scotland.

First of all, keep checking our Booze section for all the latest free drink offers, we try and keep this as up to date as possible. At the moment you can grab a free glass of Prosecco at All Bar One when you download their app!


If you have a favourite chain pub or bar then definitely sign up for its newsletter, often there’ll be freebies available for events like St George’s Day or the World Cup and you’ll hear about them first in the newsletter.

Every single month Pitcher & Piano gives its newsletter subscribers a choice of a free cocktail or a beer/cider. If you have a P&P local to you, then you’ll be mad not to sign up!


Many bars and pubs have apps which have great offers on them.

Be At One offer ‘Appi hour’ when you download their app, which offers 2 cocktails for £10 for an hour any time before 10pm.

If you’re in London, Manchester, Liverpool or Derby you can get a free cocktail every single night by signing up to Drinki, all you need is a Facebook account.

Free hot drinks

free hot drinks

Even if you’re in Scotland or just don’t drink, you can still get a tasty beverage 100% free of charge. We’ve written an extensive guide to getting free hot drinks, so read it to find out how to get your mitts on a free tea, coffee or hot chocolate.


extreme couponinng

Experienced couponers are able to get big weekly shops for next to nothing, but even a casual couponer can get a few freebies now and again. Check out our guide to Extreme Couponing for tips that work in the UK, and how to maximise the coupons that you get.


food freeganismThis isn’t actually legal, but fishing unwanted food out of bins or “freeganism” is a popular method of getting a free lunch for extreme moneysavers.

Supermarkets have got wise to this phenomenon, and it’s not unusual to see razorwire around the bins now!

It is still possible to be a freegan though, and we wrote about how a student spent £0 on food for 3 weeks by bin diving.

Grow your own food

This isn’t a quick fix, but if you have garden space or a roomy windowsill you can get free food by growing it yourself, or regrowing it from the roots of other food. Check out our article on seven kitchen hacks to save you money and time for more tips on growing and regrowing fruit and veg.