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Ultimate Guide

​Ultimate guide to saving money on fashion

We all love going shopping for a brand new wardrobe, but it can be easily go from picking up one or two things in Primark to a huge splurge. In this article we’ll show you how to make the most of deals and discounts and slash your wardrobe spending!


fashion sales

Everyone knows about fashion sales - they used to only run twice a year, from Boxing Day onwards and summer clothes went on sale around August, but now shops are online there tends to be a sale on pretty much year round.

There are ways to make the most of sales, and truly get the lowest price.

First of all, decide if you really like something before you buy it in the sales, think - would I pay double the price for this? It can be really tempting during the sales to buy lots of trendy pieces that you’re not 100% sure you like, or don’t fit you perfectly. But remember, it’s not 50% off, it’s 50% ON if it’s not something you’re going to wear and appreciate.

Wait for further reductions. Sales tend to go a little like this - 30% off, then 50% off then 70%+ off. Obviously there’s a chance that the best items will sell out at 30% off, and this is often the case with branded goods. If you can, wait until the last few weeks of a sale, when brands sometimes release a code for an extra 10-20% off a sale. The ASOS sale pretty much always does this, and it’s then that the real bargains can be scooped up.

Student discount

student discount fashion

A lot of brands offer 10% student discount year round, which is great, obviously. But keep an eye out for times when student discount is boosted to 20%. In our experience, this is pretty much guaranteed to happen around Freshers in September. It’s happened for years at Jack Wills, Miss Selfridge, New Look and ASOS, so it’s a safe bet.

If you sign up to their email newsletters they’ll most likely inform you when a double discount is kicking off, so you can make the most of it!

Sometimes student discount will even work on top of the sale, or stack with other codes, it’s definitely the case at Topshop and Topman - give it a try.

Collect in store if possible

click and collect

Most shops nowadays give you the option of using click and collect to get your parcel. Usually, it’s free, which is a definitely an advantage, because when you pay delivery, even if you return everything you’re never going to recoup that delivery charge. River Island’s delivery is on the pricier end, so we always try and collect in store.

If you can try your items on in the shop, it gives you the chance to return things that don’t fit straight away, without paying for return postage (grr) or even walking to the post office.

Discount websites

There are certain sites that offer discounts on branded goods year round. BrandAlley and SecretSales are some of our favourites. There’s also Everything £5 - not everything is branded, but we’ve had things in the past with River Island, Dorothy Perkins and Topshop labels still on them - such a bargain!

Shopping apps

shopping apps

Sometimes shopping through apps can get you the best price for an item, you can get £5 free credit at Mallzee with code BRONNIH50 - and that works on Zara, Boohoo, Urban Outfitters, H&M and even Nike!


ebay fashion shopping

Second hand clothes aren’t always tatty rags, you know. You can bag some serious bargains on eBay if you know what to look for. Be careful though, as often eBay sellers won’t accept returns, so ask for measurements if you’re unsure if an item will fit.

There are even deals to be had on brand new clothes, Superdry and Boohoo both have well stocked eBay outlets - take a look.

If you have unwanted clothes at home, it’s always worth shoving them on eBay - even if it only sells for 99p, if you don’t wear it, then it’s 99p for pretty much nothing. Check out our guide to selling on eBay for tips and advice to get the right price for your unwanted possessions.


Almost every fashion retailer offers cashback on their website, read our cashback guide if you’re new to the concept - you’re going to love it, we promise.

Cashback usually works on top of sales, and often even with student discounts or codes, so it’s a good way to claw back a bit of extra money on every purchase. Literally so good!

Any more tips to save money on fashion? Leave them in the comments below.