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How to get the Best Deals and Discounts on Tech

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For a lot of us the most expensive things we own are our tech items. We can’t live without them, we use them everyday and they are worth every penny. Or are they? What if you could save money on these most essential of items? Don’t pay full price for a phone, laptop or tablet again. COMPUTERS, LAPTOPS, TABLETS ETC It doesn’t matter what course you are studying at university; media studies, music or maths you will need something to type and Google on. These can be pricey investments so any money off is a bonus. 1. Apple Apple has what it likes to call ‘education pricing’ which offers up to 10% off to students on MacBooks and iPads for use whilst studying. That’ ...
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Tips for getting freebies and discounts on health & fitness

Exercise is a great way to get your mind of deadlines and the stress of studying but it can be expensive when on a tight budget. Being clever with gym memberships and getting your shakes and accessories cheap is the best way to save pounds without compromising your workout. GYM MEMBERSHIPS 1. Our Site Student Money Saver takes all the hassle out of trawling through the Internet to find the best deals by collating them all in one place. All the latest offers, deals and discounts are on the Health & Fitness page so keep checking for the best savings. 2. Mates Rates Fitness First runs a friends go free Friday each week ...
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10 beauty and make-up hacks

The wonderful Dolly Parton famously said: 'It costs a lot of money to look this cheap' - and she ain't wrong! The Independent states that on average, women spend £40 a week and £2,000 a year on beauty products, which are numbers the average student simply can’t stretch to. Budgeting for makeup, skincare and toiletries whilst managing a student loan and paying off those library fines is especially tough, but we've got 10 ways to make your money go further and help find you a bargain or two. 1) Multi-tasking products means more bang for your buck Using a tried and tested favourite in a new way will help you get the most out of your makeup. For example, a concealer in too ligh ...
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Tips for getting freebies and discounts on entertainment

After feeding yourself with anything that isn’t rice and baked beans entertaining yourself whilst at university can be one of the most expensive luxuries. If you are against watching TV without a licence, downloading music illegally and sneaking into gigs through the backdoor, it can be even trickier still. Here are a few ways to stay sane without going bankrupted whilst studying. MUSIC 1. Apple Music Apple’s streaming service offers a nearly exhaustive library of current music as well as, a pretty good back catalogue. Students get 3 months free trial and if you love it afterwards it’s only £4.99 a month for up to 4 years. All the music you want acr ...
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The Ultimate Guide to scoring Freebies

Saying "I'm a student" is often a euphemism for being poor. It should also be a perfectly valid excuse for why you can't pay in a restaurant, or a legal defence for why you didn't feel it necessary to pay for all that stuff in your bag before leaving that shop. Unfortunately the world doesn't work like that, but you can get plenty of free stuff (legally) by looking in the right places. Here's our guide to some great freebies you can get. Go to websites that offer freebies There are websites (like us) that give you free stuff when we get it, and then there are websites set up entirely to con ...
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