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The Ultimate Guide to scoring Freebies

free samples trials
Saying "I'm a student" is often a euphemism for being poor. It should also be a perfectly valid excuse for why you can't pay in a restaurant, or a legal defence for why you didn't feel it necessary to pay for all that stuff in your bag before leaving that shop. Unfortunately the world doesn't work like that, but you can get plenty of free stuff (legally) by looking in the right places. Here's our guide to some great freebies you can get. Go to websites that offer freebies There are websites (like us) that give you free stuff as and when it's given to us, and then there are w ...
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The Ultimate List of Birthday Freebies

Birthday freebies 2018
So, it's almost your birthday, and you want a load of freebies to celebrate the occasion? Well, don't worry as we've got the most up to date list of freebies available to birthday boys and girls on the internet, including: Totally Free Freebies: Freebies with a Purchase: Totally Free Food & Drink Freebies Food & Drink Freebies with a Purchase Totally Free Beauty Freebies Fashion Freebies with a Purchase Other Totally Free Freebies Other Freebies with a Purchase We've tried to stick to offers available nationwide, but plen ...
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How to save money on the most popular beauty products

save money on beauty products
As the academic year commences we’ve teamed up with Voucherbox to look at how you can stock up on the best beauty bargains simply by shopping around! With this handy guide, you could save up to 26% on your favourite brands! We’ve got top money-saving tips to make sure you don’t pay over the odds when you replenish your makeup bag in time for the start of university! Did you know? Women’s average spend on beauty products in the UK is £20 a month! However, only 35% of us regularly price-check! It turns out that 13% of us are guilty of never price-checking and 53% of us fail to regularly compare prices… oops. found that an average sho ...
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How to test products for free (and keep them)

Free product testing
Product testing is one of those things that seems too good to be true, you get an item that you’d usually pay for sent to you in the post, and all you have to do is give your honest opinion about it. It's really easy, taking between 10 and 45 minutes work per item you can receive 100% free products every month. Some testers take more work than others but if you’ve got a bit of spare time, this can be a rewarding hobby. We’ve been doing it for years and received everything from hair dye to Christmas puddings, and all of the product pictures in this article are things the SMS team have got for free through product testing websites. To make sure you’re sele ...
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Cloud Storage Comparison - Cheap, Reliable Options

cloud storage comparison
What is Cloud Storage? Cloud storage allows the user to store data i.e. files, videos and images, back up the data content from a device and remotely access data, all via the Internet. Public cloud data systems allow multiple users to simultaneously do all of the above in private areas of the same storage system and work best for unstructured data i.e. JPEGs and MP3s. External hard drives are an expensive and fragile commodity in a world where computers are still fallible. They can be lost, stolen or just stop working for no apparent reason, as can PCs and Macs alike. Therefore a third level of storage and backup is required for any of you that doesn’t wa ...
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