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SMS Competition Winners

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What to take and what not to take to University

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10 beauty and make-up hacks

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Students take it too far with initiations, risking the life of the initiate

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ASDA fined £300,000 after "unacceptable" discovery in their depots

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'Exceptional' student set to face deportation three months before graduating

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University students could get criminal records for plagiarising essays

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Student's flat made her so ill she missed over a month of Uni

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Student group's anti-semitic Valentine's day card sparks outrage

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Cambridge student causes outrage after he burns £20 note in front of homeless man

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NUS are calling for students to walk out of Uni

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Northumbria University sued after botched experiment leaves two students in intensive care

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New app is offering FREE coffee and pizza... but there is one small catch

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Student's parents stop paying her tuition for dating a black guy, so her friends stepped in

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Student finds out she hasn't got into Oxford, makes THIS out of the rejection letter