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Kick start your new year with the best health and beauty products to make yourself feel and look great!

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SMS Competition Winners

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Student's parents stop paying her tuition for dating a black guy, so her friends stepped in

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Student finds out she hasn't got into Oxford, makes THIS out of the rejection letter

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Student comes back from Christmas to find ridiculous fine on his desk

make money new year Graduates

New Years resolutions that could save or end up making you money

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Student is accused of plagiarism... based on ONE word!

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Student drops out of University because he was 'scammed'

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"So it turns out my professor is straight savage!"

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Lecturer takes SIX MONTHS to reply to student asking for dissertation help

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Students advised not to dress like Kim Kardashian for graduation in "sexist" post

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This girl has spent the last three years studying the same course as her MUM

amazon,amazongo,cashierless Press

Amazon have just made a huge change to the way we shop and it changes everything

Girl sends an angry letter war SMS Blog

Girl sends angry letter to her neighbours and starts a war

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Netflix has introduced a new feature... and it is a game changer

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Students left disgusted by what they find in their milk carton

Food & Drink

Ever wondered why McDonald's Chicken Nuggets come in four shapes? The reason has been revealed

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Starbucks employee describes how to get a FREE COFFEE EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!

Black Friday 2016 Deals SMS Blog

Black Friday 2016 - ultimate list of deals

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This uni has the best way to help students relieve stress and we are SO JEALOUS!

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London club Fabric set to re open and save 2016

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Dear Santa: What students REALLY want for Christmas

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Students help raise £32,000 for their terminally ill friend to travel the World

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"My English teacher put this on her door today..."