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Student sees girl carrying hamster, asks to pet it. But it's not a hamster.

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People are extremely angry about this Nivea ad, for obvious reasons 😳

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Lecturer accidentally recommends porn film to all his students

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Tesco worker tweets "I legit want to quit Tesco" gets unexpected & brutal reply

Brooklyn Beckham book photos SMS Blog

Brooklyn Beckham has released a photography book and it is HILARIOUSLY awful

facebook settings catfishing SMS Blog

Facebook are changing your profile picture settings for this surprising reason

exam university final year SMS Blog

University lecturer accidentally uploads exam paper a week before the exam

Brexit EU referendum vote SMS Blog

It's been a year since Brexit... so what's going to happen now?

Ed Miliband Labour Radio funny SMS Blog

We need to talk about Ed Miliband

Every friend MoodChimp uni lif SMS Blog

Every friend you’ll make in first year

LGBQT pride love equality gay SMS Blog

Being gay isn't 'just a phase.' Couple clap back at homophobic comments with beautifully defiant photos.

Queens speech key points SMS Blog

Everything you need to know about the Queen's Speech

Jeremy Corbyn Labour Heatwave SMS Blog

If Jeremy Corbyn was PM we'd all have the week off

office dresscode protest dress SMS Blog

Man wears dress to protest office dress code

freshers college university SMS Blog

Girl's mum enjoys first day of uni more than her

family photos recreated dog SMS Blog

Girl replaces family photos with pictures of her dog and her mum is NOT amused

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Hey! Anyone wanna buy a 6 bed house in Leytonstone for £1.2m? Looks nice, needs a bit of TLC and WOAH WHAT IS THAT??

Adele Grenfell firefighters SMS Blog

Adele visits Grenfell Tower firefighters 'to say thank you'

what to take to uni SMS Blog

What to take and what not to take to University

beauty make up hack SMS Blog

This girl has the best beauty hack you never knew you needed

Beyonce twins born SMS Blog

Beyoncé's twins are finally here... and this time it's for real

this guys breakup story wils SMS Blog

This guy tweeted his whole breakup story with his psycho 'lil lunatic' ex and it is WILD

Student Money Saver Winners SMS Blog

SMS Competition Winners

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Student who wrote dissertation on the Kardashians just got her marks back