Lecturer shames uni students SMS Blog

Lecturer shames students by publishing their browsing history from his class

Student fails exams twitter SMS Blog

Unfortunate student finds out he's failed exams in hilariously unconventional way

Amazon Oscar Pistorius costume SMS Blog

Amazon in trouble over offensive and distasteful Halloween costume

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Nivea clearly didn't learn from Dove as new racist ad claims emerge

Greek Island ban weddings SMS Blog

Greek Island bans ALL foreign weddings after a couple's hugely inappropriate photo goes viral

Anne Frank Halloween costume SMS Blog

Retailer slammed for 'disgusting' and 'inappropriate' Halloween costume

Filthys Fresher Threesome SMS Blog

Fresher texts boss he can't make first shift for hilarious reason

Kourtney Kardashian pregnant SMS Blog


Boy responds to pigged claims SMS Blog

Dutch love rat hits back at claims he humiliated girl he 'pigged'

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Woman left 'humiliated and stranded' as holiday romance plays sick prank on her

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10 of the worst beauty horror stories

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5 amazing bake-off worthy recipes with 5 ingredients or less

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Police apologise for ill-thought out and bizarre tweet

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Dove hit by backlash for racist advert

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School gets evacuated due to suspicious odour, turns out to be something hilarious

Man dumps fiancee for fat gene SMS Blog

Awful man considers dumping his size 8 fiancée for having a 'fat family'

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Peter Kay is finally back in brilliant new advert for Warburtons

Gran buys explicit kids book SMS Blog

Grandma accidentally buys explicit book for grandchild in amusing error

Morrisons £1 wonky veg box SMS Blog

Morrisons is releasing a HUGE vegetable box for only £1

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Woman experiences horrifying and hilarious ordeal when she drops her phone off balcony

Student posts racist instagram SMS Blog

Students' racist instagram manages to piss off the entire internet

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People are demanding Amazon remove this bizarre and distasteful jumper

Goldsmiths SMS Blog

Another top university in trouble for ridiculous and offensive freshers event