Creepy doll on plane SMS Blog

It turns out a crying baby isn't the worst thing to share a flight with

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Girl gets really high and made a powerpoint about Shrek's children. It's glorious.

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"My freshers is going so well, burnt my room down last night" 😅

Student Money Saver Winners SMS Blog

SMS Competition Winners

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Student writes and submits assignment whilst hammered, regrets decision

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Embarrassing scenes as creepy photographers stalk students during Freshers' Week

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This Scottish boy dressed up as his mum in an attempt to buy alcohol

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10 reasons Mr Robot is the best show on TV

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9 cats for every stage of uni life

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This teacher just lived every science students' worst fear

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10 conversations every fresher has at some point

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I’ve won over £35,000 of prizes in the last 12 months! Here's how...

drinks to avoid SMS Blog

10 student drinks you should avoid at all costs during Freshers' Week

Earn money students SMS Blog

We're hiring! - Video Editor

We're hiring, earn money SMS Blog

We're hiring! - Lifestyle Content Producer

Reading student guide SMS Blog

The student guide to Reading

Steve Irwin dollar SMS Blog

Australians petition to put Steve Irwin on the Aussie dollar

funny lecture stories SMS Blog

Lecturers tell Reddit the craziest things they've seen in a lecture

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These texts from a girl buying tampons for the first time have gone viral

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Virgin ask their followers to design logo. Big mistake.

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Student sends housemates massive list of demands (before they've even met)

New Five pound note SMS Blog

We tried to destroy the new £5 note

Plymouth city guide SMS Blog

Student guide to Plymouth

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Guy buys student a drink. 2 weeks later, he asks for a refund.