asos discount trick US UK SMS Blog

This ASOS trick could save you so much money

piers morgan racism kanye west SMS Blog

The internet goes in on Piers Morgan for justifying white people using the N word

Uber license revoked in London SMS Blog

TFL announce that Uber's license has been revoked

Vetements cocaine necklace SMS Blog

Clothing brand slammed for controversial product thought to promote drugs

food blogger gets roasted SMS Blog

Pretentious food blogger requests a free meal but gets hilariously roasted instead

exclusive preview Economist SMS Blog

Exclusive Preview: What you can get with an Economist Subscription

lesego legobane fat shaming SMS Blog

Man tries to body shame plus-size model and gets epic clapback

student free drinks at spoons SMS Blog

Student's call for free birthday drinks at Spoons hilariously backfires

teenagers virgins don't party SMS Blog

New study says today's young people are all virgins who don't party

mans tesco product explodes SMS Blog

Man gets nasty surprise when an item from his Tesco shop EXPLODES

dadbag bumbag belly tummy SMS Blog

This dad-bod bum-bag is possibly the best thing on the internet

ayana twitter cheater boyfrien SMS Blog

This woman caught her cheating boyfriend in a hilarious (and evil) way

consent campaign promotes rape SMS Blog

Condom company in big trouble over huge design fail

filthiest student flat award SMS Blog

This girl has won the title of filthiest student flat in the UK

running mad pooper runner SMS Blog

Police in hunt for 'mad pooper' runner wreaking havoc on street

6 women same dress wedding SMS Blog

Hilarious coincidence leads to brilliant fashion mishap at wedding

Man buys shoes with swastikas SMS Blog

Man buys shoes only to find disturbingly offensive problem with them

harvey's chicken shop kirkham SMS Blog

Absolutely disgusting chicken shop shut down by environmental health

Mans penis stuck in gym weight SMS Blog

Firefighters rescue man with penis stuck in gym weight, and people have a lot of hilarious questions

Jeremy Corbyn tuition fee SMS Blog

Jeremy Corbyn accused of breaking promise to scrap tuition fees

ITV viewers outraged by guest SMS Blog

This Morning viewers outraged by 'freaky' plastic surgery addict

Next children plussize clothes SMS Blog

Next release controversial plus sized clothing range for children

London home rent weird funny SMS Blog

Luxury London home up for rent except there's one thing very, very wrong with it

Ellen DJ mocks racist man SMS Blog

Guy tries to call out racism on the Ellen Degeneres show but makes one big mistake