boy sudocrem tv ebay naughty SMS Blog

Mum tries to sell her son on Ebay after he does THIS

Jeremy Corbyn tuition fee SMS Blog

Jeremy Corbyn accused of breaking promise to scrap tuition fees

cherry cyanide poisoning SMS Blog

This dangerous chemical in a common fruit nearly KILLED a man

Primark inappropriate clothes SMS Blog

Primark in huge trouble over horrifically inappropriate clothing

student loans emily hughes SMS Blog

This girl can't get a student loan for a very bizarre reason

airbnb text weird funny SMS Blog

Guy's airbnb gets cancelled with possibly the WEIRDEST text ever

hunstman spider aragog huge SMS Blog

Family trapped by world's biggest spider in terrifying ordeal

airbnb prison dirty illegal SMS Blog

This disgusting Airbnb nearly landed the host in prison

SMS Blog

Student mystified when his bank balance keeps going up, discovers something shocking

SMS Blog

Student is only one to show up to seminar, lecturer does TWO HOUR seminar anyway

SMS Blog

Student takes wrong degree, doesn't notice for three months

Audi sexist advert awful SMS Blog

Audi causes outrage over hugely offensive advert

Donald Trump transgender SMS Blog

Donald Trump bans transgender people from joining US military

hot old man 50 looks young SMS Blog

Can you guess how old this man is?

waitrose middle class problems SMS Blog

Waitrose shoppers have some ridiculous middle class problems

Tesco knife dangerous outrage SMS Blog

Tesco shopper could've been killed when eating this kids fruit bag

offensive bag fail Hitler SMS Blog

This boutique's awful font choice creates horrifically offensive product

butternut squash twitter funny SMS Blog

This man's stupid complaint will have all retail workers furious

Sainsburys corporate racism SMS Blog

Sainsbury's causes offence over questionably 'racist' policy

make up weird gross vagina SMS Blog

A new company is making make up for this intimate body part and we're as baffled as you are

tamworth mother streetview SMS Blog

Daughter gets amazing surprise through Google Streetview

SMS Blog

Caffe Nero refuses to serve student tea, after they find out who she's buying it for

millennials killing jack wagne SMS Blog

Someone made a list of all the things 'millennials are killing' and we're eye rolling hard

twitter travel hilarious SMS Blog

This hilarious travel Twitter account will brighten your day