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Amazon launch Dash in the UK

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Student gets bagpipe revenge on homophobic preacher

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9 things you need experience as a student at Edinburgh University

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5 bargain wines that actually taste good

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These Texan students brought dildos to uni for the best reason

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Student forced to remove 'Black Lives Matter' t-shirt

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A girl at uni fell asleep in a chair and the responses were great

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​The thought process of A uni graduate

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This 11yr old uni student is making everyone feel like underachievers

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Student tries to impress girl, gets trapped between two buildings for four hours

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Virgin Trains throw major shade at Jeremy Corbyn's 'no seat' claim

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Here are the 15 funniest jokes from this year's fringe

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Student outraged by "filthy" living conditions in halls

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Man's complaint about ASDA "smart price" toilet paper goes viral

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Uni sends Willy Wonka style golden tickets to students

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Here's why we've changed our name to student mney sver

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"AQA LOST MY F*CKING COURSEWORK" - students vent after AQA "guess" their grades

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"Modern day Robin Hood" tests limits of all you can eat buffets

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Girl annoyed that UCAS told her bf to dump her before he goes to uni

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Check out the fanciest student room of all time

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We've hit peak A-Level panic - here's how everyone is coping

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10 ways getting exam results is like the GBBO

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Can you spot why bake-off fans are so annoyed by these promo shots?