You've been using a stapler wrong your entire life

Stapler two settings 2nd

We were absent-mindedly scrolling through Twitter when we were hit by a bombshell - staplers have TWO settings, and there's a whole world of stapling we've never even tried before. We thought it must only be particularly advanced staplers that had this capability, but lo and behold even our normal office stapler can do it.

To demonstrate how it works we shot a quick video:

You might ask why anyone would want to use a wide staple, but we think we've figured it out: firstly, if you needed to sew up a hem on a skirt and didn't have a sewing kit on you, a wide staple would do a better job (and you'd waste less staples), and it's much easier to pull out than a normal staple.

Let's take a closer look at this "boss mode" staple.

Because the "legs" on the back of the staple point outwards you can bend the staple and take it straight out, so it'd be good for attaching pieces of paper temporarily, more sturdy than a paperclip but less permanent than a normal staple.

Now, put those books away, you've done your learning for today.

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