You've been holding your mug wrong your whole life (you mug!)

You've been holding your mug wrong your whole life (you idiot). What's wrong with you? Should be ashamed of yourself.

Here's how you hold your mug, you chump. Walking around holding the handle going "dum de dum de dum" like this...


According to scientists in South Korea, based on a load of simulations, experiments and complex mathematical models, this is the quickest way to cause spillages.

Their study, published in the journal Achievements in Life Sciences, found that if you hold it by the handle you increase the force the coffee moves at inside the cup. That's why you're spilling it all the time.

Instead, the Leadership Academy suggest you use the "claw technique" to reduce the force of the coffee, and the spillage from the cup.

Ahhh, much better.

Tea / coffee perfection with zero spillage.

The other technique they suggested was walking backwards to reduce spilling your drink.

"By walking backwards, we are able to significantly change the frequency characteristics of our hand motion….leading to a subsequent decrease in the probability of coffee spilling," Mr Han, from the Korean Minjok Leadership Academy, said.

So start grabbing your mug with your claw, walking backwards and you'll spill a lot less tea. But get ready for a lot of burns and questions from friends and family such as "why the f*ck are you holding your cup like that for and walking backwards?"

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