Uni figures out how long you'd survive if you were stuck in a supermarket

Ever wondered how long you could survive in a supermarket? Luckily unis are endless pits of money trying to figure out such things...

University of Leicester have published research revealing how long you could survive in a supermarket if you got trapped in there alone, as well as giving their guide to how to survive an apocalypse.

Dr Lewis Dartnell, from the University, said that large Tescos, Aldis and Lidls are stocked with enough non-perishable goods to last one adult over 55 years, assuming you aren't too fussy to crack into the Tesco Value pasta sauce.

If you're not worried about your waistline and are trapped in store at Easter, you might even be able to last a few years longer using the Cadbury's Creme Eggs (assuming they haven't shrunk even more than they already have, by the time you have your accident).

Assuming you don't mind reading packets of noodles for entertainment, you could live well into retirement without ever leaving the store.

Hipsters, meanwhile, would die on day three shortly after they've cleared out the organic section.

What should you pack for the apocalypse?

The research focussed on finding out how the UK would fare in the apocalypse. It found a surprising amount of fully-grown human adults have an emergency bag prepped in case an apocalypse happens tomorrow.

Over 1/3 of UK adults (36 per cent) keeps a grab-bag (also known as a "bug out bag" of essential items in case of a catastrophic event.

But according to the research, people are packing the wrong things (if their goal is to survive).

The research shows that people generally pack tinned food (61%), medical supplies (53%) and even mobile phones (47%), whilst failing to realise they should pack things like matches (only 22% packed any sort of fire-starting equipment) or even a bottle (10%) which could be used to disinfect water, and then store that disinfected water.

More alarmingly, not one person saw the benefit of packing a simple grenade.

Where should you head? Supermarket or golf course?

The research also looked at where you should head after an apocalyptic event in order to rebuild society. Ironically, the research suggested you head to a golf course (a traditionally "male-only" place) in order to repopulate. Their argument? Golf courses are abundant in golf buggies, which could be used to store generated electricity - which would be extremely handy when you're trying to rebuild a society.

The supermarket is another place they suggested you head to first, as you could survive in there for 55 years by yourself, assuming you're happy to lock yourself in there and watch everyone else perish outside at the hands of the mutants.

How would the UK do in an apocalypse?

The research concludes that the UK aren't quite sciency enough to survive the apocalypse. Only a fifth of the country, for instance, would be able to make a basic fuel:

"People’s survival instincts are strong but without a greater focus on Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills, the speed at which we’d return to ‘society as we know it’ would be seriously impeded."

Dr Dartnell said.

"Rather than duck and cover, the country needs to know how to stand and recover from any disaster."

So if you're studying science, Dr Dartnell, a scientist, says you're amongst the most likely to survive the apocalypse. So if you're more into your arts, is it time to start panicking?

“Clearly we shouldn’t be worrying twenty four seven about a potential apocalypse but it’s interesting to take a snap shot of where we are now and how we’d fare – individually and as a society."

But if you want to prep a bag, just in case, it's time to pack a fire-starting kit, food, a water bottle, a small knife, a rope and a big book on "how to science". You never know when the zombies will attack.

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