You're not imagining it, Justin Bieber is overplayed and there's a website to prove it

We thought we were the only ones being haunted by that weird squealy noise in the background of Where Are Ü Now by Diplo and Skrillex (ft. JB), but apparently not. According to a new website the Canadian crooner really is overplayed AF.

According to listeners are treated to the Biebs' dulcet tones once every 55 minutes, that's pretty much 24 times a day, just over 83 times a week, or 824 a month - and according to our calculations it means 1 in 10 songs played on Capital FM feature JB. Cray cray.

And we're not the only ones to have noticed:

Now, we love Justin as much as the next guy, but Capital, maybe it's time to update your playlist? We'd also like to see the stats on Drake's One Dance and Work from Home by Fifth Harmony 😅.