Charging students 4x average rent? Bad behaviour must run in the family

Fancy renting a flat from Osama bin Laden's brother?

Bakr Mohammed bin Laden, Osama's half-brother, is renting flats and accommodation to British students... for £13,000 per year.

He owns Woodside House, in Glasgow, and is renting the plush, new flats to well-off students.

The flats come with a dinner party room (isn't that just a dining room?), a gym, study rooms, a cinema, and a glass-walled sky lounge.

Bakr bin Laden, whose brother orchestrated the 9/11 attacks and was assassinated by US special forces in May 2011, bought the site back in 2014 for £1.5million.

He put the deal together by using the UK-based company, Kelso Estates.

The average student in Glasgow pays £65.82 per week for accommodation and earns on average £34.13 a week from part-time work, but residents of Woodside House will have to pay approximately four times that amount.

Some of the students were shocked to hear about who owns the property. Chenhan Ye, 26, an engineering student from China who lives at Woodside House, said:

“I am certainly surprised that the building is owned by this man. I think people will see this as a risk.”

Pablo Canga, 21, from Gijon in Spain, is studying mechanics at Glasgow University. He thinks people back home would not approve:

“I have friends who live in this building and I am quite shocked to hear that this is Osama Bin Laden’s brother’s property.
“I think that Spanish people coming to study in Glasgow would definitely be put off to discover that this was who owned the accommodation. They may not want to stay there.”

How would you feel, knowing you lived in a flat owned by the brother of the once most wanted man in the world, and the founder of Al Qaeda?