This phone throwback will make you feel nostalgic 😮

People on Twitter have been sharing cherished memories of the weird, ugly, useless bricks we used to call ‘mobiles’ and it’s kinda nostalgic.

In 2018, a phone is something we use to make payments, scroll on social media, take photos, browse the internet and a million other things. But it wasn’t always like this. The first mobile phone came out in 1983 and was about the size of a house, but they got popular in the 2000s and skyrocketed from there.

A lot of the hilarious old bricks are cherished childhood memories for a lot of us – see if you recognise any of these...

Everyone has played Snake on one of these, right?

Physical keyboards… that slide out of the side – wow.

I remember how futuristic it was that these flip-phones had another screen on the front telling you the time – now I get aggravated when it takes more than 0.001 second for chrome to load.

Of course, the rotor ball you used to navigate your Blackberry Pearl was cutting edge, until it fell out…

However, no one can forget when the Blackberry Curve dominated the world, in 2009/2010 – those were the days. I have no idea why BBM was so great, but it just was.

Who knows what sort of phones will be popular ten years from now, but they’ll probably look back on what we have now in the same way, that’s weird to imagine, but then these bricks were peak technology at the time, so who knows 🤔.