A new company is making make up for this intimate body part and we're as baffled as you are

We've seen some strange make up trends over the years, like when people started putting 100 layers of make up on their face:

Or when foundation lips made a lot of people look like a corpse:

But this has got to the weirdest, grossest and most UNNECESSARY make up trend we have ever heard of.

New 'make up' brand The Perfect V has created an entire collection of make up for your VAGINA!

Perfect V's company statement sounds like something straight out of a spoof, as it personifies women's vaginas and likens them to 'an iconic haircut':

The V is that pretty little triangle sometimes neat, at other times unruly, but always perfect and unique in its’ own personal way. In fact, just like an iconic haircut, how you style your “V” can be a clue to a particular moment in fashion.

The products they offer include vagina highlighter, beauty mist and serum:

I'm pretty certain that if any body part doesn't need any extra moisture, it's probably a VAGINA. And as for highlight... can you really contour genitals, because if you put make up on a frog IT'S STILL A FROG.

Twitter seems completely baffled by the idea, too:

... Yep. I think I'll stick to make up for the lips on my face, thanks.