You can get unlimited (free) Ben and Jerry's ice cream today, with this "hack"

Good news, everyone who enjoys eating ice cream in the freezing cold. Today you can pick up a free Ben and Jerry's ice cream cone for free.

And there's no limit to the amount of ice cream you can get, other than your own fear of ruining dinner. If you join the back of the queue you can get another cone for free.

Free Cone Day

It's Ben and Jerry's annual Free Cone Day (a holiday that will one day overtake Christmas). Today from 12pm till 8pm you can pick up a free ice cream cone, just by showing up at one of their stores (or one of their outlets within a cinema).

You can find your nearest scoop shop using this locator. Then all you need to do is head there, join the queue, choose a flavour (we recommend cookie dough, obviously) and then chow down.

Then you join the back of the queue again and repeat until your friends hold an intervention.

So many flavours to try, so little time.

Annual tradition

Cross Christmas off your diaries and remove your own birthday from your Google calendar. You won't be needing them any more.

Add in April 4th as Free Cone Day. It's been a tradition since 1979 from Ben and Jerrys, and will continue for all time or until Ben and Jerrys go bankrupt because of Free Cone Day, whichever comes first.

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