Poundland are doing a three-course Valentine's Day meal deal

Looking for a last-minute Valentine's Day meal? Don't want to spend a lot? Just trying to get dumped? Poundland have you covered.

Poundland are doing a three-course Valentine's Day meal, which they've recommended to customers on their Facebook page. The meal will cost you just £7 and your entire relationship.

You'll save money, but not your marriage.

What's to start?

For £3.50 per person, the food on offer isn't all that bad. Except for the main event. Poundland recommend for the first course that you go for "Crab Bruschetta Antipasto".

They describe it as:

"A wonderfully decadent twist on the classic Italian appetiser."

"Succulent crab meat tops delicately toasted, delicious and light bruschetta with tomato and oregano. Drizzle a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar for that finishing touch!"

By which they mean it's some crab on some bread.

Not a bad starter. 7/10 as a food, 10/10 on price.

And for pudding?

The puddings on offer are good as well. No faffing around with Fondants, or even heating up some sort of pie, Poundland recommend some Ferrero Rochers (£1 for four) or some After-Eight-style chocolate and mint substitutes (£1).

The Main Course

The main course is where it gets a little questionable. They recommend "Mouth-watering meatballs with noodles".

"Recreate your own lady and the tramp moment this Valentine’s Day with tender meatballs and noodles in a rich tomato sauce enhanced by the subtle flavour of herbs and a sprinkling of peas throughout," they wrote on their Facebook Page.

For this delcious recipe all you need is:

  • Look What We Found Italian Beef Meatballs – £1
  • Pot Noodle Beef & Tomato – 2 for £1
  • Batchelors Garden Peas – 3 for £1

Mmm, pot noodles mixed with meatballs and peas.

Their Valentine's Day menu has had a mixed reaction from their customers on their Facebook page.

But on price, for Valentine's Day they definitely can't be beaten. All this for £7? Time to get myself some cut-price romance...

Like this? We've got bad news. The £1 Boots Meal deal is ending. RIP, buddy...