You can get a free 6 pack of beer today (if you pretend to be a Wales fan)

You can get a six-pack of Budweiser today for free, if you're willing to swallow your pride and pretend to be a Wales fan.

From 11.59pm today till 11:59pm on Wednesday the 5th July (tomorrow) you will be able to pick up an entire six beers without doing anything other than betraying your own nation's football team.

Budweiser are giving away six cans or bottles of Bud to anyone supporting Wales, and Becks (non-alcoholic) Blue are doing the same.

All you have to do is take this coupon for Wales fans into Tesco, Co-Op, or One Stop. Though the coupon says it's for Wales fans only, as long as you don't actively chant songs about Wales being sh*t you'll more than likely get your free beer.

Get a printable version of the voucher here

What's on offer?

In return for pretending to be a Wales fan whilst you walk around Tesco's, you can choose from these drinks for free:


  • 1 x 660ml bottle
  • 4 x 568ml cans
  • 4 x 440ml cans
  • 6 x 300ml bottle

Becks Blue:

  • 6 x 275ml Becks Blue
  • 6 x 275ml Becks Blue Lemon

All you need to do is print this coupon to get the beer. It's that simple.

How to fake being a Wales and football fan

If you fear that they'll test your loyalty to Wales (which they really won't) or your knowledge of football, the giveaway is happening because Wales are in the semi-finals of the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament.

Try to look nonchalant and say things like "I like it when Wales scores goals" and "go the Wales" as you pick up your six pack. If this doesn't work, accuse various cheeses in the cheese section of being offside.

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