You can be on THIS season of Love Island

What's better than watching good old Love Island and fawning over the likes of Montana and Marcel? Well, maybe only one thing - actually being on Love Island with them.

Now's your chance to make that dream a reality, but you better do it quick. Applications are open until the 7th of July, which gives you just enough time to work out a convincing argument as to why you should be there.

Credit: Twitter

ITV said they're looking for "vibrant singles from across the UK", but it's pretty certain that they're also going to be checking how you look in a bikini and/or swimming trunks. They'll also probably be assessing you say the golden phrases "on paper", "banter" and "graft".

Just imagine how great it would be to give Johnny a big slap, and recite Skepta bars with Kem. The 50k prize money would be a nice little bonus as well, of course.

All you need is a valid passport, and to be over 18, which ITV say is due to the nature of the show. After what's been going on under the sheets there, we think that age limit is a wise choice.

So, you might have to quit your job to get the required seven weeks to go, but to gaze upon all those glorious abs and get a free holiday would make it all worthwhile. We just have one request of you - Please don't make Camilla cry again.

Apply here.