Yorkshire Tea get into twitter argument with a man... absolutely destroys him

If twitter has taught us one thing, it is that you do not get into an argument with a big, commercial company. You will not win. They win at twitter, hands down. Here are examples of proof:

If you do try to get at a company for something so trivial and easily explained, then be prepared to burn. We really hope @2SpikyHairedWweFans was ready.

He decided to go after Yorkshire Tea. He thought he would look to see where the tea was actually made, and when he found out the tea wasn't actually grown in Yorkshire he felt the need to pipe up.

Usually, companies ignore tweets from the public but whoever was running Yorkshire Teas twitter account saw fit to respond with this tweet, full of sarcasm:

So the guy thought he would catch them out with their 'core standards' to which YT simply couldn't care less about because they were gearing up for the burn:

So the guy kept it going, thinking he was winning the argument, getting a little cocky, but wait for it.

BOOM! That should have been game over but the guy kept coming back, he wasn't done yet:

Yorkshire Tea then clearly got bored with the whole episode so they killed it off, once and for all.

They then told the others to help them out and explain the situation to him.

They even offered a consolation prize, presumably for his commitment.

The man then admitted defeat and held his hands up to his mistake. Then it really was game over.

People, please leave companies alone. As entertaining it is for everyone else, it will just end up with embarrassment for you.