These Glasgow students took extreme measures in an attempt to sneak out at night

Two students from Glasgow have taken extreme measures to sneak out at night, after their mum told them not to.

After Shannon and Kiera were told they couldn't go out, they decided they were going to go out anyway. So they decided to do the classic "pillows under the duvet" method of making it look like they were still in bed.

But rather than buy a wig for authenticity, they instead cut a massive chunk out of their hair each, and now have matching bald patches.

The two then went out and enjoyed themselves, hairlessly, before sneaking back in at 4am. Not that quietly, either.

Though they say they got away with their hair-brained scheme, most likely because Kiera's mum didn't check her room that night, their tweets have since gone viral. If their mums have even heard of Twitter, there's a good chance they've been caught.

That and the bald patches, of course.

But on the bright side, everybody who saw it seems to think it's either pretty funny, or a spectacularly good way of sneaking out at night.