Would you eat these suspicious brownies sold at a school bake sale?

School bake sale day was always amazing. 50p could get you full on cupcakes, rocky road, and those little marshmallows with smarties on top. Brownies are another firm favourite at many a bake sale, but these ones were a little different from average.

This mum revealed their 'secret ingredient' in a post shared by Sanctimommy, a platform dedicated to showcasing the best in clueless, judgmental parenting.

Credit: Facebook

The worst part about this is probably the fact that she doesn't see what's wrong. Nutrition?! Bitch please.

The reactions on Facebook on Twitter were really something else.

I'm not sure if the flavour would have been altered by the human component in the brownies, but as soon as you found out, you could definitely not enjoy them anymore.

The moral of the story - No bodily fluids in baked goods please. Just go to the bloody shop.