Worker shares horrifying glimpse of things to come

A worker at a top UK gaming and entertainment company has shared a horrifying glimpse of how the Tory's new policy on foreign workers will work.

In case you've missed it, earlier this week the Conservatives announced that they may make firms list how many of their workers are non-British.

It hasn't gone down well with most people, heads of firms included.

But one firm appears to be acting on the policy already, asking their employees to disclose their nationality in order to "assist the ongoing measurement of diversity across our business" and not allowing their employees to login until they had disclosed their nationality. Even though as part of their employment process, they must have disclosed that they have the right to work in the UK.

Others on Twitter have immediately taken against the new policy by the un-named gaming firm.

Meanwhile, another person shared text messages received from their children's school asking them to inform the school if their child isn't British.

Whilst another person shared an image from a school's website, which asked for an even more specific assessment of nationality.

Labour have said the policy will "fan the flames of xenophobia and hatred in our communities" whilst the SNP called it "the most disgraceful display of reactionary right-wing politics in living memory".