Woman thinks she sees cute dog... turns out it's definitely not a dog

Seeing a dog in public is always exciting... you stare from afar, wondering 'can I pet it? CAN I?'

But what happens when you *think* you see a dog... but don't *actually* see a dog?

Well, Twitter user Hannah Murphy (@dumb_hannah) showed us exactly what happens. When enjoying a meal at La Linterna in New York with her mum, Hannah's mum tapped her and pointed to what she thought was a cute dog.

However... it wasn't a cute dog.

Yep, she was genuinely looking at a HANDBAG... or a handbark.. amirite? (Sorry..)

It's probably a good thing that Hannah's mum didn't go over and ask to pat it.

However, whilst Hannah thought this mix up was a rarity, it turns out a fair few Twitter users had experienced similar mistakes:

Maybe we all just love dogs so much we're seeing what we want to see, or maybe we all just need our eyes tested. It's probably a bit of both.

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