Woman receives misogynistic texts, has amazing reaction

A woman has taken a different approach after being contacted by a homophobic and misogynistic man, who called her all manner of derogatory things.

The anonymous woman was contacted by a man who started off their conversation by saying:

Lesbians are the fucking worst.
Stupid ugly ass carpet munching dike, learn to suck dick instead

This wasn't the first message of this kind that she had received, and usually she would react differently. But this time she decided to respond with kindness.

"I wanted to try something different. Usually I don't have the patience to deal with creeps like this but I just wanted to see what would happen if I was nice to them. It made me feel good to try and listen to this person because they really did sound like they have a lot of issues."

"I'm just sorry this person has such a twisted view of women. I feel like I did get through to him on some level so that's all matters to me."

Here is their conversation in full. Towards the end, though he is still using questionable language, it does look like he's got through to him, at least a little bit.

You are a fucking saint. I would've lost it.