Woman pays £712.38 for Burger King meal deal

A woman ended up paying £712.38 for a Burger King meal deal, after a colossal error on her bill.

Felicity Cotton ordered a double cheeseburger with bacon and a nacho burger meal on the 31st of July. But rather than the price you'd usually expect (pricier than McDonalds, but still reasonable) she was charged the price of a month's rent of a one-bedroom flat on the outskirts of London, when the cashier accidentally pressed "7".

Tad pricey

"I only realised what had happened when I checked my bank balance two days later – and it was decimated," she told Metro.

"I thought, 'how have I spent that much money, I didn’t do that much shopping at the weekend.'

When she scrolled down some more, she saw that most her money had been blown at Burger King.

"It was a massive shock – I had to look a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things."

When she realised that she had been charged £712.38 for her burger meals, she got in contact with Burger King, perhaps to enquire if there'd been a price hike lately. Once she tweeted them a few days later, they responded.

It seems the burger salesman had added a seven to the start of her £12 meal, and Felicity didn't notice the extra digit in her excitement to eat her double cheeseburger and nacho burger meal.

Burger King told her the refund would take at least 10 working days to go through.

"I’ve got bills to pay, and by the time the money comes back it will have been nearly three weeks" she told the Mirror.

"It’s all having a knock-on effect, and it’s left me in a pretty difficult situation. Obviously my main priority is getting my money back, but I’d still like an apology."

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