Woman orders doormat off Amazon, gets sent this mind-bending travesty instead

A woman who ordered a doormat off Amazon got sent a doormat with a picture of the doormat she actually wanted printed on the front of it.

Comedian Emily Heller ordered a doormat off Amazon. It was supposed to be a grassy-textured doormat. It was supposed to look like this...

A 3D, textured doormat. All normal. Instead, she received this oddity.

A non-textured doormat with a picture showing what her actual doormat would have looked like, if they'd sent that.


One explanation - in fact the only explanation - is this one..

It got even weirder, when Emily asked them for a refund for the doormat, they came up with this brain-twister of an explanation.

Their response reads:

"Dear blank. We are sorry for that, we are afraid that this is because of the screen's display problem. We can give a partial refund as compensation, do you accept?"

Whatever weird mistake that happened in the factory, we may never know. It's a "screen display problem", apparently.

Needless to say, Emily did not accept a partial refund...

However, at least Emily got some entertainment out of her doormat. She says she can't stop laughing at the weird, inexplicable error.

But that could just be the shock.

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