Woman orders table - Amazon deliver box of dead mice

A woman who ordered a table off Amazon was surprised to find she'd been sent a bunch of dead (and alive) mice in a box.

The table, which made no mention of the mice in the advert, showed up at Kat Kahraman's house as planned. But then things took a turn for the worse when she noticed holes in the box.

"Hang on a minute, this doesn't look right"

"The guy brought the table to the door," Kat told the Metro. "There were holes in the box and I saw that it was damaged but we were about to have a dinner so I took it inside."

"We opened and I thought 'hang on a minute this doesn’t look right' and suddenly live mice popped out. It was totally shocking."

"I managed to grab one mouse and put it in a plastic box, and then I saw a dead one, and then some more live ones."

Free pets and a refund

The mice had made a little mouse nest inside the oak table's packaging, only for half of them to be suffocated in Amazon's packaging and delivery process. Rather than just a table, Amazon were now delivering a door and an assortment of dead and live mice.

When Kat saw what she'd been sent, rather than freak out she sorted the dead mice from the living ones:

"We discarded the dead ones and have kept the live ones in a box with food and water."

She asked for a refund from Amazon (she hadn't ordered any dead mice, after all) but was at first offered only a 50% discount (presumably because only 1/2 the mice were dead). After complaining a second time, Amazon gave her a full refund and a £60 gift certificate, to cover the mouse-scratch damage caused to the table.

Kat contacted the RSPCA when she found the dead and alive mice. They told the Metro:

"On March 3 we were contacted by a member of the public who had a shock when she unwrapped a package which had been delivered to her home. Inside she found four live mice and three dead ones."

"An RSPCA inspector offered to collect the animals but she said she would like to keep the mice as pets."

Amazon have not yet confirmed whether this is part of "buy one table, get four alive mice and three dead mice free" offer, despite several emails we've sent.