Woman live tweets "the worst date of all time"

Kelly Fine was at a restaurant when she noticed people at a nearby table were on a first date. Without meaning to, she overheard some of their awkward conversation.

Then things took a turn for the horrifying, and before long it became clear that the woman was on a date not just with the worst date in existence, but with a full-on possible psychopath, who seemed to be modelling himself on Patrick Bateman.

It starts off awful

And gets worse from there.

Before long, it's revealed he's a full on psychopath.

At this point Kelly figured out the couple might actually be married.

Which is pretty depressing.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

And of course, he's a Trump supporter...

Starting to think this guy is Patrick Bateman, the psycho from American Psycho.

Because yeah, SHE'S the embarrassing one here. Then this terrible date turned full on American Psycho.

Then, plot twist...