Woman left 'humiliated and stranded' as holiday romance plays sick prank on her

A young woman has been left 'stranded and humiliated' as she flew to Amsterdam to see her holiday boyfriend, only to be told he was playing 'pull a pig.'

Sophie Stevenson, 24, met Jesse Mateman, 21, when the pair were on holiday in Barcelona. After a romance quickly blossomed, the pair continued chatting almost everyday after both returned home.

Credit Sophie Stevenson, Facebook

The pair texted and called most days, but couldn't meet up as Jesse was from Amsterdam. Wanting to take things further, the pair decided that Sophie would fly out to visit Jesse in the Netherlands.

Paying £350 to fly over, Sophie was excited to finally see Jesse after exchanging many flirtatious messages.

A photo of the pair on holiday in Barcelona. Credit: Facebook.

However, when Sophie landed, there was no one there to meet her. Panicking, she tried to reach Jesse, but to no avail.

It was only after 6 HOURS that she received a one worded message: 'Pigged.' He then blocked her on all forms of social media.

'Pigged' is sick, 'laddish' game where boys try to pull a girl they deem 'ugly and fat.'

What kind of POS goes through these sort of lengths merely to humiliate someone.

Sophie was utterly devastated, having said they had spoken on the phone daily. She was ultimately forced to pay through the nose to catch a flight home the next day, and still hasn't heard anything else from Jesse.

You can do so, so much better Sophie, it's lucky this piece of trash lives across the pond.