Woman left humiliated after being ID'd at Sainsbury's

Getting asked for ID is flattering to some but a pain for others.

For Sarah Clear, it's clearly a pain, and she has reported being 'shocked and embarrassed' at being asked for identification when buying tobacco at Sainsbury's in Chichester.

(Credit: Mercury)

She was refused sale of the Amber Leaf tobacco through the Think 25 rule that ensures everyone the cashier believes to be 25 or under gets asked for identification.

One small problem. Sarah is 39 years old.

She has a son who's 21, and was born in 1977. One of her old schoolmates was even behind her in the queue, and tried to help but to no avail.

(Credit: Mercury)

Sarah said, 'I was totally embarrassed. I could feel myself burning up. There were other people around looking at me and wondering what was going on.'

She added that, while she is often mistaken for younger, she's never been refused sale like that.

Sainsbury's commented saying,

'We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.. However, like all retailers, we have clear responsibilities not to sell age-restricted items to minors.
‘Our colleagues are trained to follow Think 25, which means they will ask for ID from anyone who appears to be under the age of 25.’

Fair enough really. Wonder what moisturiser she uses.