Woman has train cancelled, asks train company for advice. Gets worst advice possible.

When a woman had her train delayed and asked the rail company for advice, she was given some of the worst advice possible.

Woman has train cancelled, asks train company for advice.

For context / geography enthusiasts, that's a seven minute journey worth £2.60.

Katherine probably expected advice such as "we have a bus replacement service available", "tickets will be accepted on local busses" or, god forbid, "this will be sorted shortly and you'll be on your merry way."

No so. Instead, they suggested she take a train in the opposite direction in order to complete her seven minute journey.

A lot of other people asked Southern Rail whether they were serious about this, as it would require taking a 1hr 12 minute journey to Clapham.

And then an hour and ten minute trip back to Brighton (assuming no more delays). Turning a seven minute journey into a 2 hour 20 minute, 100 mile journey.

But Southern Rail assured Katherine that they were in fact serious. Because this is how the trains run in the UK.

No replacement bus service was forthcoming, it appears that they really were advising Katherine to take a 100 mile round-trip. Other people were outraged on Katherine's behalf.

Whilst others questioned whether it was actually possible to get to Brighton via Clapham Junction, with disruptions on those lines as well.

Katherine eventually

Eventually, normal service resumed.

But too late for Katherine...

Southern Rail claimed that they had misread Katherine's tweets, leading to the bad advice, even though people kept pointing out that she'd been advised to go on a 100 mile round journey.

In future, Katherine plans to travel via Glasgow rather than ask for advice. It'll be a lot quicker for everyone involved.

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