Woman goes on INSANE rant after her Tinder date cancels on her

It's been said once, it's been said a thousand times, Tinder is full of very, very questionable characters... for example:

I'm good, actually...

But this woman took crazy to a WHOLE new level when she unleashed the most savage rant at her Tinder match for being unavailable for their date.

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Things started pretty normally, as she asks her match if they can meet in the evening, to which he (very reasonably) replies that he actually had other plans as he hadn't heard from her in a while:

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However, rather than replying 'oh okay fair enough, maybe another time then?' she unleashes HELL on her poor unsuspecting match:

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Repeatedly calling him a faggot and then saying she was only going to use him for 'free drinks', this charming lady didn't stop there, oh no..:

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'Here's me not caring' she says, sending another 5 messages, just to show how much she REALLY doesn't care...

Then she says she too actually has plans!!! Of course you do, hun, of course you do!

Credit Twenty Two Words

'You're just mad I blew you off' says the woman who's just sent 9 messages using as many offensive expletives as she can possibly fit in...

Whether or not this guy made plans, he definitely made the right decision blowing her off.

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