Woman with bizarre leg-cross technique freaks out commuters

A woman has freaked out commuters on her route to work with her bizarre leg-cross technique.

The technique, described as "chick-twisting, the opposite of man-spreading" by one commenter, has had the entire internet asking "excuse me, would you mind not sitting like that please? Thanks."

Over one million have seen a picture taken by a fellow commuter, of the lady who apparently finds it extremely comfortable to sit like your legs are possessed by the demon from the exorcist.

A lot of them are of the opinion that it looks extremely uncomfortable.

Commenters are split between the people who think she's possessed by the devil, and those that find this position comfortable.

"It's very comfortable if you can do it, I used to sit like that... I didn't know how strange it looks." Said one commenter, who is clearly possessed by the devil.

Another commenter tried it after this recommendation and hurt his balls:

"I just tried it but my balls started hurting," he replied.

"I completely thought I could do this and had to try it. Now I'm lying on the bathroom floor half naked with a pulled muscle."

Another person sent a photo of herself adopting the pose, which she also claimed was comfortable.

Intrigued, I tried it for myself, and let me tell you; once you get used to the ball pain it's actually pretty damn comfortable. I take everything back.

Try it, take a few minutes to push through the searing crotch pain and thank me later.

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