Woman finds out her husband has been cheating... changes his Tinder profile

A woman who found out her husband had been cheating using popular 'dating' site Tinder, felt she needed to get revenge by making a few small changes to his profile.

In a move which has prompted a lot of debate on Reddit regarding phone privacy, the woman decided to lay a little truth upon the women her husband had been trying to attract.

We do not know the wifes name, but her husband is called 'Mike'.

This is well-deserved, but brutal:

Those first two sentences would put anyone off straight away, but she felt the need to go on more. She specifically pointed out that she has been talking to a lot of the women he has already had contact with.

She also changed his picture to be a very unflattering one.

She had completely humiliated him and encouraged women to send him hate mail.

Big mistake, Mike. But we can all agree that you deserve it.