Woman experiences horrifying and hilarious ordeal when she drops her phone off balcony

Dropping your phone is every millennial's worst nightmare. There's that spine-chilling moment between dropping it and turning it over, where you proceed to look like this:

And then you realise that yes, it has cracked into a thousand tiny pieces that are now falling off into your fingers.

But imagine enjoying a nice evening on your balcony, taking the perfect Instagrammable shot of the sunset, and then DROPPING your phone onto the balcony below yours.

Well that's exactly what happened to Twitter user Liz Bertorelli, who tweeted this hellish NIGHTMARE:

You read that right. She dropped her phone off of her balcony onto the one below, and then decided to tweet the entire ordeal from her laptop.

I know you're thinking 'this isn't that bad, she can just go downstairs, knock and ask for it back?' Except that she tried that, and no one was in.

At this point, she tried a more old fashioned means of communication:

She dropped a note down that landed perfectly on their table, hoping that they would see this upon their return and give her phone back.

People began tweeting her some pretty creative suggestions that she could try in the mean time, including dropping a cat onto the balcony and calling the fire brigade

To which she replied:

Deciding against plunging her helpless dog to it's potential death to rescue her phone, she then sent a further update that her note had blown away:

Now noteless, and back to square one, Liz then considered sending down her drone to ... check on her phone??

Liz tried knocking again, only to come to a horrific, horrific realisation:

Still unable to rescue her beloved, she had to go to work lonely and phoneless:

And things only went from bad to worse, as the weather started to deteriorate, with her phone still exposed to the elements on the balcony:

Liz went silent for a while, leading many to assume she was either in mourning, or had got her phone back:

But alas,

With still no one answering her desperate knocks at the door, she lowered down a plastic bag to at least save her phone further water damage:

Which amazingly, was still working:

Having tried knocking, calling the owners of the building and even her drone, there was nothing left to do except get drunk and go to bed:

The final update has seen Liz go to bed, with her phone still left outside alone:

Sadly there is yet to be a conclusion to this whirlwind ordeal. I don't know why I'm so emotionally invested in this story, but the minute we get an answer, we'll keep you all posted.