Woman discovers a 'follower' is recreating every last one of her Instagram photos

A woman on Instagram has been shocked to discover that another woman had been recreating every last one of her Instagram photos, without her knowledge or consent.

Lauren Bullen is a travel blogger with over 600,000 followers. She travels the world with her boyfriend, blogging her way around many exotic locations.

She was shocked to discover earlier this week that one of her followers has been recreating all of her photos.

Instagram user @diana_alexa has been recreating all of Lauren's photos, despite the massive amount of money it must have cost to do this. They're so alike it's creepy.

Lauren shared a side-by-side view of both her and her Instagram follower's photos, under the caption

‘”When a girl travels across the world recreating your exact imagery over and over again you begin to worry…”

She takes exactly the same photos.

And even dresses up as Lauen (left) and travelled to Morocco to take this one.

This one was clearly taken some time later, as the plant on the left has grown significantly. Creepy.

Here they both are in Italy, wearing exactly the same dress and hat.

Morocco again, wearing the same stuff.

So. Very. Creepy.

She messed up the bandana on this one. Amateur stalking.

After Lauren made contact with Diana, to let her know how much it had unsettled her, Diana suggested that if she doesn't like her photos being copied, maybe she should set her account to private.

The two are now trying to resolve the situation between themselves.

"I think she missed the point that no one has copied down to this extreme before and it’s completely different," Lauren wrote on her blog, "copying down to the hand positioning, what’s in your hand- everything.. is just soooo next level."

Check out the rest of the creepy posts here, if you dare.