Creepy man contacts woman on Facebook, woman responds brilliantly, man regrets it

A woman has convinced a farmer to make out with his tractor after he contacted her unsolicited on Facebook.

Katy was contacted on Facebook by Adrian Hyland, with the opening gambit "hey Katy ur so hot I love ur boobs".

Sensing that this creepy dude would do whatever she asked of him, Katy decided to mess with him big time.

Since he mentioned he was a farmer, she came up with the idea that he should take a photo of himself making out with his tractor.

Which is genius. After trying to get more information (bust size) and being shut down, Adrian eventually decided that there was no other option but to go out into his field, take a camera and take a selfie of himself really going to town on his tractor.


A man of his word, Adrian took a photo of himself making out with a tractor.

Katy tweeted photos of the exchange, which have since gone viral.

She has since received a lot of photos from potential suitors posing in or with their tractors.

She describes herself as a lucky gyal.

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