Woman claims she's "struggling to get by" on £200,000 a year

An IT marketing worker has described how difficult it is to live on £200,000 a year.

In a heartbreaking piece in the Financial Times, 45-year-old Nisha Sharma describes how she struggles to make ends meet on her appallingly low £200,000 a year salary.

“In theory, with our household income, we are in the top 5 per cent of the UK population and yet it does not feel that way,” she said.

“If you’re earning millions of pounds, then you’re OK — and at the other end of the spectrum you get everything paid for. We are caught in the middle where we are paying for everything.”

The piece goes on to describe how rising property prices, childcare costs and school fees are sapping the middle classes' finances, to the point that they're struggling to live on such incomes.

Nisha and her husband own a £700,000 house in South London.

Outpouring of sympathy

Understandably, there has been a massive outpouring of sympathy for the low-earner.

Kizidagrizzly commented:

"Words fail me. How can anyone be expected to live on a mere couple of hundred thousand pounds sterling and be contented."

Others wept.

Whilst others offer practical advice:

"I feel sorry for this lady. She is clearly trying to do her best for her family and just can't make ends meet."

"Perhaps she can get an evening and weekend job and at the same time rent out her spare bedrooms to bring in some extra money. In addition a pop up restaurant in her house would bring in extra money at meal times and make sure her time spent in front of the cooker is fully utilized. (6/8 people per meal time would be enough). She could also rent out her car as a UBER taxi during the night when its not being used by her."

"She can also look to spend less money on things like holidays and eating out."

"This should bring in an extra 80 k/100 k per year and resolve the problems."

Callous backlash

Other commenters have been less than kind, saying that she should be expected to live a decent life on less than a million pounds a year.

"The maths ruins the story," one commenter wrote.

"Gross [income] = £200k. Net annual = £130k. Net monthly = £10,800

One child’s school fees = £15,000 (generous, given her child is four) One mortgage on a £700k house, 10% deposit at 3% = £3,000 (generous, given interest rate is possible at 1.5%)

So even with that there is £6,600 per month left

Say £600 for bills…

which leaves £6,000 a month. Even in London this is enough to live on."

Harsh words, Inequal7. But not as harsh as this lady's words.

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