Woman attempts to secure Gumtree treadmill discount by flashing bum

A woman has tried to secure a discount on a mediocre-looking GumTree treadmill, by sending photos of her bum to the seller. When that subtle move didn't work, she then asked for a discount for some "extra-marital fun".

Unwilling to offer a discount for services rendered, the seller dismissed the woman, pretending to be in a relationship with another man.

It all started off like any other Gumtree sale:

But then she started listing body parts she was going to tone, including the bum.

And mentioning ex-boyfriends.

And the fact she was getting dressed.

And then she got her bum out.

But she apologised for that, sensing (correctly) that maybe it wasn't what he'd expected.

After 20 minutes he decided it wasn't a problem. He was still going to sell that damn treadmill, and wasn't going to let a bum pic get in the way of a sale.

But then she asked for a discount for some "extra marital fun" xx

He claimed he was seeing someone (even though he isn't) but she pushed him for a "good" one off session.

When that didn't work, he tried plan B in these situations. Pretend the relationship you're in is with another man.

Lee said he was shocked to receive bum photos in response to his advert for a relatively cheap treadmill, and as yet the treadmill remains unsold.

"All my friends keep asking if I have sold her the treadmill yet. They all said the interaction reads like the start of a really bad porno. They thought it was hilarious."

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