Woman asks people to photoshop engagement photo, internet hilariously delivers

If we've learnt anything from the age of social media, it's to never, ever ask the internet to do anything for you. You will almost always regret it instantly, as the internet will never miss an opportunity to troll, as this one woman found out.

Oh Ashley. Poor Ashley. Rule 1 of 'How to Internet': never ask the internet to photoshop, because you will be trolled, and trolled good. In incredibly predictable fashion, the internet came out in full force and produced some excellent work:

Rather than remove the guy, someone went for nothing but the guy.

The most popular choice seemed to be celebrity appearances:

I mean... he did put a ring on it.

Photoshop favourite Nicholas Cage was of course in the mix

Questionable politicians also seemed to be a favourite amongst the photoshoppers, with several appearances:

And then there was just the downright weird...

Mr Steal yo gurl

Funnily enough no one actually photoshopped the guy out properly. But at least the couple have something they can 'keep forever.' Kudos internet, you didn't disappoint.