Woman asks for coffee, gets served this travesty. Whole world gets mad.

A cafe has sparked anger around the world, after serving a coffee in three separate science beakers, and asking customers to mix it themselves.

Writer Jamila Rizvi went into a cafe in Melbourne and was served this travesty, when she asked for a coffee...

After waiting twenty minutes for a mug and an apology with neither appearing, Jamila understandably flipped her shit.

She took to Facebook to make her feelings on hipster-coffee clear to the world, and share the pain of her ordeal.

Shortly after this, over 19K people liked her rant. Other victims of hipsterism shared their experiences of deconstructed coffees.

One man told of how he was shipped off to a coffee-farming region of Africa to farm his own beans when he made the mistake of ordering a mocha.

Others made it clear that if they were served this travesty, shit would be flipped.

And others were annoyed by the wank factor of it all.

But mostly, people just couldn't figure out which damn science beaker you're meant to drink out of, or the logistics of drinking from a science experiment, especially before they'd had a damn coffee to wake them up.

Our favourite commenter seemed to be confused about coffee generally, and was tired of baristas looking at him like he was sprung from Satan's loins.

People around the world got pretty upset about Jamila's coffee, and hipster coffee in general. It even became the most read thing on BBC News. Hipster cafes serving terrible coffee is big news, these days.

"Get a grip, you turkey"

Not everyone is on board with Jamila, and seem to think deconstructed coffee, which you then assemble yourself, is fine.

One person told Jamila to "get a grip, you turkey", and 158 hipsters liked that.

Others told her to calm her farm.

A sentiment 551 coffee masochists are on board with.

The argument on how coffee should be served continues, and people all over the world fear violence.

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