Woman accuses Clark's of sexist marketing

A woman has complained about Clark's 'insidious' sexist marketing in a now viral Facebook post.

Mother Jemma Moonie-Dalton took to Clark's Facebook page to voice her outrage at what she deemed 'persistent discrimination' due to the differences between the girls and boys school shoe sections.

In a lengthy complaint, Jemma argued that the choice of girls school shoes was 'not good enough', as they were 'not comfortable [or] suited to outdoor activities in the British weather.'

Jemma suggested that the boys shoes were designed to be sturdy for outdoor activities like climbing and running, whereas the girls' shoes were merely designed for image. Jemma then went further to imply that the shoes actively encouraged girls not to join in the boys' playground activities that their shoes suppoesdly supported.

The post clearly struck a chord amongst other parents, with over 39,000 reactions and 6,700 comments.

Many people commented in agreement, further supporting the notion of discriminatory marketing at Clark's:

However, others are less convinced, arguing that Jemma's post callously throws the word 'discrimination' around over such a benign issue:

With the post now being shared over 16,000 times, Jemma's complaint is clearly having quite the online impact.


Clark's have pulled their Dolly Babe girls range from sale after the outrage caused by the boys range being called 'Leader'.