Widowed man posts ad looking for new fishing buddy... internet responds brilliantly

An Australian man has captured the hearts of the nation and the world after he posted an unbearably cute ad on Gumtree.

Ray Johnstone is a 75-year-old pensioner from Southern Australia whose wife and best friend died recently, so he was left on his own to continue with his favourite hobby, fishing.

He got a friend to help him put up the ad on the popular advertising site, which has now been viewed over 79,000 times.

He also includes a few pictures of his favourite spots to fish in his hometown near Adelaide.

In the description, he describes his situation, what he wants and what he is willing to put into his new friendship:

After the ad went viral, hundreds of people have offered to go fishing with Ray, with the hashtag #illfishwithray being particularly popular among twitter users.

Joe Forza, from Sydney, has set up a GoFundMe page to get Ray over to the east coast to take him out for the day. On the page its says:

Ray Johnstone from South Australia is a widowed pensioner who recently lost his fishing partner.
I have started this fundraiser to get Ray flown over to Sydney, Australia to go fishing with mates for the weekend.
I run a Facebook group called "ALL THINGS FISHING SYDNEY" and a few of the boys already have shown interest to take Ray out for the day. We also have the support of Zac Shahin and his page "Sydney Fishing Forum".
At the moment the cost is to cover his return flight from Adelaide to Sydney and back home, accommodation, food expenses and any costs associated to get him fishing. Anything left will go to Ray himself or a charity if he chooses as such.
Should we raise above the required limit we can look at sending Ray around the country to fish with a few different people.
We're calling on Tackle Shops and Fishing Charters also who would love to have Ray on board for a fish. Also some genuine locals who will take a day to show Ray some local spots and wet a line with him.
I am currently trying to get in contact with Ray through phone and email to let him know there's plenty of people who want to go fishing with him around the country and we will make it happen!


Let us hope they can raise enough money to send him to Sydney and hopefully, around the country so he can do what he loves.