7 reasons to leave the UK and explore this summer

Student Travelling Gap Year

We're not convinced the summer is best spent doing nothing and bumming around at home, but we know holidays aren't cheap, either - so we're running a competition with StudentUniverse where you can win £2000 to spend on a trip going anywhere, doing anything. Scroll down for details.

Excited for the British summer?

You can hit the beach...

Or disgrace yourself in the local

Or explore our beautiful towns

...and this is when it's sunny.

But, but...

Exactly, Audrey Hepburn! Exactly!

So go! Have you ever had that moment when all you want to do is go and explore some crazy part of the world? Or sat in a lecture and wished you were out beneath a cloudless sky, draining the first of many cocktails? Or been wandering home after a night out, shivering against the morning's early hours, wishing you could be dancing on a beach? The uni holidays are perfect for a trip away. They’re so long you’re practically obliged to take advantage. Or, I mean, you could just sit at home.

...but we know holidays are pricey - so, with StudentUniverse, we're giving you the chance to win £2000 to spend on a holiday doing whatever you fancy. Go crazy, we say.

Yup, £2k. You can spend it going anywhere - you could discover New Zealand, rave at a Full Moon Party in Thailand, hike to Machu Picchu or do absolutely anything else that takes your fancy. All you need to do is let us and StudentUniverse know where you want to go and what you’d get up to, then send us some updates and pictures while you're travelling to let us know how you're getting on!

So if you want to win your trip, enter here.

So here are 7 reasons you need to leave the UK and go exploring this summer:

1. Because your adventures should look like this

2. Instead of this

3. And the summer was made to be spent like this

4. Not like this

5. You should be trying something new

6. Exploring your inner 'wanderlust'

Cliche? Yes. But true? Double yes.

Wanderlust: a strong or irresistible desire to travel the world.

7. Finding stories to tell

...because no-one wants to hear you wasted a summer bouncing between your local 'Spoons.

So go! Explore! See!

What would you do with the £2000? Enter our competition with StudentUniverse and win an outrageously ridiculous trip doing whatever you please. It's adventure time.