12 reasons why Nadiya has to win (and Ian has to lose)

Nadiya has to win tonight, and they have to specify that Ian came last. Here's why.

12) She's the only person ever to have made this terrified expression whilst whisking

If you have this expression you should be fleeing a crime scene, not whisking egg whites.

11) She made this monstrosity taste good

A coke and soda flavoured pie, shaped to look like a pop can spewing froth, and it still won her the star baker that week.

10) She has no control over her expression whatsoever

Or she does, and thinks this one is the perfect way to show "I am pleased with my performance".

9) Look at his smug face

He won five times, I guess he deserves to be a little smug.

8) Nadiya cried

If you want to win the Bake Off, you have to cry at some point.

7) Even her worst cakes are cakes we want to eat right now

This is a wobbling tower of eclairs flavoured like bubblegum. And we still want to nom it.

6) Nadiya made a cake that actually looked like the beautiful drawing

Which was pretty impressive.

5) Whereas Ian made a roadkill pie

We don't want to suggest he deliberately went out the week before the Bake Off on a killing spree in order to practice making the pie, but I can't see any other explanation for how he made it taste so good.

4) Ian brought his own Quail eggs

We're not entirely sure what Quail are, and Ian is cheating by bringing his own eggs in for them.

3) We saw Nadiya's peacock

2) It's the bake off, not scrap heap challenge

Ian made a well rather than a sculpture. And what are those surrounding it? Pebbles?? Massive biscuits?? WHAT ARE YOU???

1) If Nadiya loses, we riot

Is that what you want, Paul Hollywood?? Anarchy in the UK??

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