Why are these turkeys circling a dead cat? Creepy viral vid sweeps internet

Yesterday, one of the creepiest bird video of all time went viral. The video shows a group of turkeys circling around a dead bird.

It's creepy as hell.

People have been debating what's going on in the video, and coming up with their own explanations for the bizarre behaviour.

Including some people claiming the turkeys are holding a funeral for the cat...

And others claiming (wrongly) that the birds were vultures, not delicious turkeys.

Some people claimed it was an occult thing.

But what is really going on here?

Well, the people at Verge found out from biologists what's really going on in this terrifying video.

They might be performing what’s called a “predator inspection,” says Alan Krakauer, a biologist at the University of California told them.

They could be making the predator (in this case a DEAD CAT) aware that they know it's there, by circling around it over and over again.

This inspection allows them to figure out how likely the predator is to attack. In this case, not very likely at all.

For balance, we asked a "Paranormal Investigator" we found on Ghostfinder.com, who told us:

"Turkeys are healing animals who represent fertility and vitality. They could be trying to heal the cat, or help it pass on through the veil into the next life."

We guess it's up to you to figure out which is more likely.