Which is the UK's favourite supermarket? It's probably not what you think.


Different people like different supermarkets - different strokes for different folks innit. But let's face it, some are A LOT better than others (we’re looking at you Asda). Which? recently conducted a poll to see what the UK’s favourite stores are, and it’s actually pretty surprising.

What do you reckon then? Waitrose? Nope. Marks and Spencer? Nope. Aldi? Nope. It’s only bloody Iceland. Yep, the Kerry Katona/Prawn Ring frozen supermarket.

The survey spoke to over 7,000 people and Iceland got an overall score of 77 out of 100, getting top marks for offers, value for money, and convenient delivery times. In second place was Waitrose who scored 74 (thanks to helpfulness of staff and store appearance), and Ocado scored 73 in third place.

The big four supermarkets did pretty badly, with Co-op finding itself at the bottom of the in-store league table again - finishing in last place for the third year running. The store scored badly on its range of products and offers, with shoppers finding many items out of stock.

Asda scored lowest in the online service survey as its customers were not very impressed with its website but it did better in the value for money rating.

Alex Neill, Which? Director of Campaigns sad: “While value for money remains a high priority, people want special offers to genuinely be special and they want a pleasant in-store shopping experience. When it comes to online shopping, we know convenient and low cost delivery slots are prominent factors in where people choose to shop.”

Best online shop

Iceland – 77 (out of 100)Waitrose – 74

Ocado – 73

Morrisons – 72

Tesco – 68

Sainsbury’s – 67

Asda – 65

Best high street grocer shop

Waitrose – 75

Aldi and Marks & Spencer – 69

Lidl – 67

Iceland – 66

Sainsbury’s 63

Asda – 61

Morrisons – 60

Tesco – 59

The Co-op – 57