Which is the UK's cheapest supermarket? Clue; it's not Waitrose

Aldi is the cheapest UK supermarket to fill your basket with everyday products, according to a new report by The Grocer.

Shoppers at Aldi save more than £20 on a basket of everyday products in comparison to Waitrose, and over £10 compared to their closest rival ASDA.

"It was selling 31 of the 33 items on our list at their cheapest price. A whopping 27 of these were exclusively cheaper than any of its rivals," The Grocer revealed. "The discounter was dominant."

Cost of basket of everyday essentials

The grocer bought a shopping basket full of staple food and drink, including eggs, bread, pasta, apples, grapes, teabags and cornflakes for their price comparison, buying the cheapest available products at the stores.

Sainsbury's came out as surprisingly expensive in the report, at less than £4 cheaper than Waitrose (who are obviously a massively expensive place to shop).

6) Waitrose - £61.64

5) Sainsbury's - £57.95

4) Tesco - £53.90

3) Morrisons - £52.06

2) Asda - £50.96

1) Aldi - £40.28

Mystery shopper

The Grocer said sent mystery shoppers into store to check the prices of the goods. Asda were forced to issue price-match vouchers to the mystery shopper, as they found cheaper goods elsewhere:

"[They were] forced to resort to the Asda Price Guarantee after failing to come in 10 per cent cheaper than both Morrisons and Tesco. Based on a comparable shop in Morrisons this week, a £2.59 voucher was issued to our mystery shopper."

Morrisons, who recently lowered the price of 847 lines of products, were just £1.10 pricier than Asda and £1.84 cheaper than Tesco, the UK's biggest retailer.

"The cost of our shopping list at the UK's biggest retailer (Tesco) came to £53.90 and even though our shopper received an instant discount of 49p as part of Brand Guarantee, this did little to close the gap to Aldi or even Asda," The Grocer said.

"Sainsbury's was a long way off its big four rivals with a £57.95 total, with little evidence of its everyday low pricing strategy in the post-Brand Match era. In fact Sainsbury's was just £3.69 cheaper than sixth-placed Waitrose this week."

Clearly if you want cheap food, and are located anywhere near the damn things, Aldi is the place to shop.

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