Boyfriend accidentally comes home drunk, has best apology of all time

A boyfriend who promised his girlfriend he'd "stay in" with her that night and then went on a night out instead has more than made up for his dalliance.

Kieran Cameron, 18, promised his girlfriend Jodie Duncan, 16, that they'd stay in together one evening. Unfortunately he went to a party in the afternoon, and got a little drunk and forgot to go home.

Kieran, clearly feeling guilty, then decided to message Jodie to make sure she wasn't mad at him. When she didn't pick up her phone, he messaged her using just about every medium possible.

When Jodie didn't respond to any of these, Kieran had an idea for one last way he could get her attention. And it's a good'n.

He sent her a gift card with the message "r u angry at me" in the message section.

But it turns out Jodie wasn't even mad at her boyfriend, even when he came back later that night so drunk that he was googling "how to get sober fast" right next to her.

“Didn’t expect to go downstairs for a drink to come back to a message on every app we both have and especially a gift voucher with the message ‘R u angry at me,’” Jodie told Buzzfeed News.

“But I wasn’t angry in the slightest, was just shaking my head at him.”

As for everyone else, they think she's got a keeper. Even if he's a little on the cheap side...

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