Whatsapp have launched a new feature... changes everything

Social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp have led the way in internet-based communications for a long time now. Well, now the latter has released a new feature which will surely divide opinions.

'Status' was launched on Monday (20th February) and it takes the app into the realm of passively consumed content, similar to that of Instagram and Snapchat.

WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook along with Instagram, will now allow users to upload media such as gifs, pictures and videos for their contacts to see.

These pics and videos will also allow editing, with emojis, drawings and captions. This is very similar to Snapchats 'Stories' feature, launched three years ago.

Similarly, Instagram rolled out their version of stories back in August 2016 and was seen as an exact copy of Snapchats original version.

Originally, WhatsApp's 'Status' section was a bland option that barely anyone paid attention to. This could soon change.

But this will be seen as a big step for WhatsApp, who have been relatively quiet in the art of progression. And with 'Slack' catching up with their group messaging ability, Whatsapp needed to make a statement.

But as it will allow users to post to many different contacts at the same time, be sure to look out for the inevitable adverts on the site.

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